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a morning filled with four hundred billon suns

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方向音痴の道 { green tea }I must become a lion hearted girl! Ready for a fight, before I make the final sacrifice...


My lj is just a place for me to ramble on about life in general, stuff that I like and follow the fandoms that I love! This journal is FO, but if we have common interests and you think that we might get along comment and I'll add you. ;D

I'm currently working on my manga, anime, music and various other nerdy lists...

Floating out in the cosmos...

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adult swim, agnosticism, alternative rock, ancient egypt, ancient history, anime, arashi, astrophysics, bird and the bee, bishounen, bl, bleach, board games, broadway, bumming around, clamp, clarinet, classical music, colin firth, comedy, computers, conan o'brien, d. gray-man, daft punk, david tennant, death note, diversity, doctor who, doujinshi, dystopian fiction, economics, edgar allen poe, equal rights, ethics, fan fiction, fanfics, fantasy, final fantasy, fitness, free speech, fullmetal alchemist, futurama, gamer, gaming, geeks, getbackers, gothic horror, gothic lolita, green tea, green tea ice cream, gundam seed, gundam wing, harry potter, hermit caves, history, horror, hot guys, howl's moving castle, hp lovecraft, human rights, humor, hunger games, incense, international politics, japan, japanese, japanese culture, japanese dramas, jpop, jrock, k2, kakairu, kansai-ben, karaoke, knitting, korean dramas, kyoto, l'arc-en-ciel, languages, learning, lgbt, lotr, manga, muse, music, musicals, mythology, naps, naruto, neil gaiman, opera, osaka, otome games, passion pit, photography, piano, politics, potc, pro-choice, punk rock, purikura, reading, red vs blue, reproductive rights, robots, roleplaying games, running, saiyuki, sasuke, sci-fi, science, shamisen, shaun of the dead, shingeki no kyojin, shounen ai, slash, smut, southern food, space, star wars, storms, studio ghibli, tempura, the colbert report, the daily show, the killers, the knife, the walking dead, tokimeki memorial girl's side, tokyo, travel, trivia, true blood, vampires, venture brothers, video games, vintage maps, violin, volunteering, wheel of time, wicked, women's rights, writers, writing, xkcd, yami no matsuei, yaoi, yoko kanno, zelda, zombies
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